Sunday, April 7, 2013

New twist on blog

A lot of new entries I have shared have been removed for apparently being to graphic. But I just have so much more to tell!
     Much to my surprise a gentleman in Germany who does charity work read my three entries and contacted me a while back. He asked a lot of questions , as did I. And we just kind of went back and forth until he got a concept of a website that he wanted to do for me, to get me support and get my story out there. On this website he is going to continue to ask me questions and add the answers to the website in a way that he sees fit. This is very exciting.
     The basic groundwork has been done and is live. Now we are working together on filling in the pieces and there is SO MUCH MORE to fill in.  I invite you to check out the website, but not be discouraged as it is still being built and is not even half way done.  I appreciate your support And would appreciate your continued support. The brand new website he built is here:  Check it out and please be patient for more of my story to unfold! Thanks for reading

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