Saturday, February 2, 2013

magical Origami

So here we are again, another small memory (my 2nd one)
thanks for coming along for the ride

     So my second sister Kim brought home and origami ornament she made from school. Oh wait, back up, by this point my father made us all refer to him as Jesus. He was so interested in the origami ornament. He called us all  into the den and asked us to sit in a circle of course none of us knew what he was doing. I was still 3. He put the ornament in the center of the circle and said that we were all to pray hard and the ornament would move off of the ground and float. 
     He had us sit their silently for 6 hours. Have you any idea how hard it is for a 3 year old to sit still and silently for 6 hours??? I was somehow able to do it as my fear for him was so strong. after 6 hours of course the ornament did not move. He yelled at us all and said we were the devils children and not God's.  Then he walked over to the glass chandelier over the table. He jumped on the table and the chandelier broke all over him. He was covered in blood and screamed " This is what you people do to me" I dont remember what happened  right next but eventually my older sister Kim took me into her room to hide under her Holly Hobby sheets. we did that a lot

more and more memories are starting to pop up which I consider to be a good thing.
thanks for everyone who took the time to read this!